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You may have seen products like these during your holiday in Spain/Portugal/Malta/Canaries on what is know as a “Blanket Trip”. Our products are the same but of a higher quality, we only sell the best quality available at the best price possible.

100% Merino Wool and Pure Wool Blankets and Pillows.
Protects You and Your Family’s Long Term Health

Merino Wool and Pure Wool Product Guaranteed Satisfaction Policy:
If on arrival you are not satisfied with the quality then send back within 7 days for a full refund.

Only The Best.

Our European designed 100% pure new Wool blankets, mattress underlay and pillow covers offer truly unique sleeping comfort and health benefits.
Humidity, cold, bad sleeping habits and poor quality products can cause rheumatic and arthritic pains. 100% pure new wool sleeping products, in many cases, eliminate these problems by providing natural thermal temperature control during sleep. Pure new wool is a 100% natural fibre and an excellent regulator of body temperature, absorbs humidity and allows evaporation and breathing thus eliminating the causes of many body aches, pains and illness.
Wool is the secret. For centuries, people have slept on wool. Then synthetics came along and were easier, less expensive to manufacture and advertised heavily. People forgot how wonderful it was to sleep on wool. Today with the swing back to natural fibres, people are re-discovering that wool makes a bed, any bed, even high-tech beds more comfortable.

The Ultimate in Comfort and Sleep.

Have you ever considered the fact that a person of sixty years of age has spent a total of around twenty years in bed? Staggering isn’t it? Considering the fact that we spend a third of our life in bed, you probably agree that it is important that our beds are free from humidity, cold and dampness. During sleeping hours our body loses around a cup of water from perspiration, which ends up in our bed sheets, our blankets and in the mattress. While we sleep we constantly toss and turn often exposing our bodies to cold air causing our perspiration to re-enter our bodies and into our bones in the form of humidity.

Aches and Pains.

When we wake up in the morning we often wake with aches and pains throughout our bodies, we have difficulty in standing for the first minute or so from aches down our back and legs. These aches and pains are primarily caused by the use of poor quality sleeping products, which cause perspiration in excess of that which our bodies should lose during sleeping hours.
The TopSleep 100% pure Wool blankets eliminate the factors associated with excess perspiration during sleep and consequently help eliminate aches and pains. Prevention today ensures fewer problems in later life associated with rheumatic pains and arthritis. Doctors and expensive Doctor fees cannot cure these body-crippling diseases in later life. However, taking measures today to sleep correctly and free of humidity will certainly go a long way.

Constant Body Temperature.

Pure new wool has unique properties, which allow a constant body temperature irrespective of the external temperature, thus eliminating excessive perspiration during sleep. For these reason our pure new wool blankets can be used in winter and in summer. You probably expect to have to put these blankets away during summer. Wrong! You need to use these blankets during summer simply because they will keep your body temperature constant and cool while you sleep. This is a product, which you use all year round. It is time to dispel the myth that wool only keeps you warm – Pure new wool keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Designed in Europe.

Our blankets are hand made in the UK and Europe using UK wool and wool imported from Australia. What makes our wool different from other wool’s, apart from its superior quality is the content of natural Lanolin within the wool. Lanolin is used extensively by many pharmaceutical companies to produce pain relieving creams and products. The natural Lanolin component of our bed set offers therapeutic advantages not found in every day products. Of course, it is important to understand that you must always use natural fibre bed sheets and pillow covers, such as cotton or linen, in order to gain the maximum benefits from this unique bed set.
Also, unlike sleeping on a normal mattress underlay, with the TopSleep pure new wool bed set you have the sensation, every night, of sleeping on freshly washed bed sheets. A unique characteristic offered only by a natural fibre such as pure new wool.

Let’s your Body Breath Naturally.

Our wool mattress underlay has also undergone special treatment to avoid bedsores common for people confined to bed for long periods of time. Bed sores will not occur by sleeping on our mattress underlay for long periods of time.
Even our pillows are made from anti allergy and anti suffocation materials along with an anatomically designed shape, which assures correct neck sleeping posture.
By also covering your pillow with pure new wool you again reduce the amount of perspiration on your neck and head thus avoiding neck pains and headaches.

Excellent Thermal Regulator.

Pure new wool is an excellent thermal regulator and this is proven by simply placing two cubes of ice between the blankets. If we come back after several hours you will find that the ice cubes have not melted but remained in their original state.
Wool breathes, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Further proof of this is that of desert nomads whom, in forty-degree temperatures during the day and minus ten degrees at night wear clothes made exclusively from pure new wool.


The pillow covers can be washed in a regular washing machine as their small size allows it. However, the mattress underlay and blanket should be taken to the dry cleaners every so often. Your TopSleep wool bed set, like any fur coat, should be looked after with care. At least once a month air both the blanket and underlay outside for a few hours and then brush to its original fluffiness.