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Fluid Retention

A TopSleep Memory foam Mattress can help to reduce the pain and discomfort caused by fluid retention, medically known as oedema.

Fluid Retention, known as oedema, can occur for a wide variety of reasons. This condition is the abnormal accumulation of fluid in parts of the body, particularly the ankles and legs.

Fluid retention is a common problem, and can even occur due to standing for too long or even if you have been on a long flight. Sufferers often find the skin goes tight and hard and can lead to a very uncomfortable feeling.

Many people find that a massage can help to disperse the fluid around the body, so relieving the problem.

The TopSleep Memory foam Mattress can help to reduce the pain from oedema in a number of ways.

The Orthopaedic TopSleep Memory Mattress can promote a better sleeping position. This helps to reduce the swelling and associated pain.

The TopSleep Merino Wool Bedding Sets is made out of Pure Merino wool, Wool naturally removes moisture by evaporation, wicking it away from your body ­ providing the perfect degree of comfort, year round. And wool is naturally resistant to dust mites, mildew, and mould, providing relief to those who suffer from allergies and Arthritis. It is also water and static resistant, and naturally fire resistant, so there’s no need for potentially toxic flame retardants.