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Lack of Mobility

A TopSleep Memory foam Mattress can help to improve general mobility.

Immobility is a term that describes an individuals lack of ability to be mobile and so reducing the movement that can be made by the person.

Lack of mobility can be a symptom of many ailments, including lower back pain and arthritis. It can range in severity from being unable to walk, to being unable to get in and out of bed. Regardless of the cause immobility is an extremely difficult condition which can cause depression due to the lack of quality of life.

The TopSleep Memory foam Mattress helps to improve mobility in a number of ways.

The TopSleep orthopaedic Mattress promotes a better sleeping position.

The TopSleep Merino Wool Bedding Sets is made out of Pure Merino wool, Wool naturally removes moisture by evaporation, wicking it away from your body ­ providing the perfect degree of comfort, year round. And wool is naturally resistant to dust mites, mildew, and mould, providing relief to those who suffer from allergies and Arthritis. It is also water and static resistant, and naturally fire resistant, so there’s no need for potentially toxic flame retardants.