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“Hi, just to say thanks, mattress has arrived safely and I’ve had a few good nights sleep…..All is well. Am enjoying the massage as well. All the best.
Lucy – South Wales”

“Got the mattress all ok and setup perfectly. Its absolutely brilliant and thank you so much for all you help.
Steve – London”

“My son accepted delivery of the mattress, and we were both amazed that something packed so small could actually be a double mattress!! Although feeling very firm, once lying on the mattress it feels amazing. I don’t think we realized how bad the old mattresses actually are! I have had less headaches, and if I do I use the upper back and neck massage, this helps immensely. I haven’t really used the massage unit that much to be honest – I think this is mainly because the mattress itself has made such a difference! Thank you so much for my order, it restored my faith in mankind as well as helping my neck and back!!
Mary – Bucks”

“Wow ! you said it was good but i never expected what i got. I visited my osteopath in Kent yesterday (when you find a good one you have to travel!) I was telling him about it too, so I will pass the details to him as well. Thanks
Mark – Oxon”

“Just wanted to tell you my new mattress just arrived and it’s GREAT. Very pleased. I’d like to say thank you for all your help
Sharon – South London”

“The Mattress was delivered yesterday (13th) – earlier than i expected – and after sleeping on it for one night i can report that it is splendid.
Thank you for the excellent service – very unusual in these times. All the best,
S. Hubbard – London”

“Thank you for your quick and courteous service. I appreciated your polite and friendly manner, which made it pleasurable and easy to do business.
J. Cummings – Plymouth”

“The mattress arrived Tuesday, right on target. Many thanks — it did help to know the approximate delivery times. I’ve slept well so far, and am hoping for improvements in my back condition over time. I shall probably also order some accessories soon.
Eric – London”

“Just a quick mail to let you know that we are having great fun with out massage mattress, its really lovely!! The firmness of the mattress is perfect and my boyfriend says the massage part is like sleeping on top of a giant purring cat!! I am really pleased with the pillows and the speed of the delivery. I guess I will have a steady stream of friends coming round this winter to try it out!!
Many thanks
Sue – Lincs”

“It’s was so easy dealing with TopSleep, our memory foam mattress came vacuum packed nice and neat, we unpacked it without delay placed it on the bed and then took off the protective covering. We have slept on our wonderful mattress for over a week now and can truly say it is GREAT. We would recommend the company and the Mattresses to any one looking to buy a new and better mattress.
Doris – Dorset”

“Sorry its taken so long to reply, but I’ve been sleeping 😉 Sleeping like I haven’t done in ages.
To cut a long story short, I injured my back in the Royal Navy playing Rugby, and then crushed two discs tubing when I lived in the US, I need a hip replacement and my knees are dodgy as hell (all this and I am only 37 !!). As you can imagine, sleep was getting to be a luxury that I didn’t get all that often… Until that mattress you supplied came through on Tuesday.
My nights are now as pain free as the whole process was of ordering, and receiving the mattress from your site. Thanks for some excellent service, and I will have no doubts in recommending you to friends, family and colleagues. (In fact one guy at work is probably viewing your site as we speak for his wife). I’m even thinking of getting everyone one of your pillows for Christmas this year 😉 Many thanks once again,
Philip – Sussex”

“Just got back from a few days away. We received the mattress and bedding, and slept much better since.
Best regards
Joe – Manchester”

“We are so please we bought our mattress from you, we looked and priced the Tempur mattress first of all and almost bought one. Yours are just as good if not better, plus we got friendly efficient service from ordering to delivery.
Thanks again
Bill & Morag – Fort William”

D. Gorman – Hammersmith”

“Just a quick note to say the mattress arrived safely on Friday and is now firmly in situ. Thank you very much for your prompt and efficient service. Spot on.
John and Bridget – Scotland”

I bought a TopSleep Supreme mattress from you back in August and promised to send my “Customer Comments” but so many things happened after that with hospitals and a 2 month major building project that I didn’t get them sent off.
Today I have finally purchased a memory pillow so am using this opportunity to say that …………… I have been sleeping on my Ortho mattress for 6 months now and the most immediately noticeable aspect was that I was less HOT in bed (if you’ll pardon the expression !) – previously I had been sleeping on a non-memory foam mattress and had always been incredibly hot all year round but even more so in the warmer months and needed a fan on during the nights to keep me cool.
As soon as I slept on the Merino wool-topped mattress I didn’t need the fan, was so much cooler and slept for longer periods as being too hot no longer disturbed my sleep.
For that reason alone I would applaud your TopSleep products but the real difference was in comfort ! Oh how my back and hips and neck and whole body ached increasingly on the previous foam mattress as gradually the foam became softer and softer and I ended up sleeping in a sort of scooped out hollow.
Now my TopSleep mattress is always firm to the touch, even right to the absolute edges and springs to complete and immediately firmness seconds after I get off it and remains so awaiting my return and the only “dents” are ones that exactly mirror my body when I lie on it …… OH what wonderful comfortable, cool support for my fragile, painful spine and hips … then add in the massage !!!
….. I have an electrically adjustable bed so being able to fine-tune my position upon the TopSleep mattress and then have it’s personalized support with the massage function is just bliss.
I am so impressed with the mattress that all my friends have “turns” with the massage motors on whenever they are here and today I have recommended your site to a friend who has a friend who is seriously researching Tempura mattresses with a view to buy – I’ve given her the address of your website for him to visit plus extolling all my reasons for choosing the Ortho over and above the Tempura mattresses because I KNOW exactly HOW and WHY the Ortho mattress “works” for my spinal problems … I have offered for him to come to “Have A Go” if it will help him to decide.
Now I look forward to laying my head upon the Memory pillow soon to arrive as I am certain that it will bring added benefits to my sleeping position as I haven’t bought one of the “curved” memory-foam type pillows already available precisely because of that curve in relation to the problems in my neck ! I anticipate that the Memory pillow WILL alleviate my neck problems precisely because it doesn’t have that curve !
I can’t speak highly enough of the Ortho mattress – I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending it to ANYONE as I
have been able to FEEL it’s enduring and cumulative benefits in reducing pain and stiffness and overheating – and the massage function is just the absolute icing on the (layered !) cake !
Very best wishes
June – Manchester”

“Just to let you know how pleased I am with the mattress. The massage pads are excellent and the mattress is really comfortable and warm and above all I am sleeping much better. My back is benefiting from using the massage pads as they reduce the amount of pain I am in. I would recommend this mattress to anyone who suffers with a bad back.
Thank you
Nicola Blackman – Dorset”

“Hi, I received my mattress today. It’s great. Feels really weird after using a spring one for so long. Thanks a lot. Nice doing business with you.
Robert – Ireland”

“Hi there,
The mattress arrived today 17th January. Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for being so efficient.
Val – Ireland”

“Hello, The mattress arrived this (Wednesday) morning and is reported to be much more comfortable than the old inner-spring-plus-toppers.
Thank you and apologies for all the hassle.
Anne – Shropshire”

“Thanks for your service, Well recommended. Very Comfy, Sleeping Better.
Ken – Lancashire”

“Hello, Just to let you know our new mattress arrived first thing Thursday morning, in fact so early they had to knock us up out of bed. When we first sat on it i was very dubious about how firm it felt. But once laid down i have to say it is unbelievable comfortable. I would like to say thanks for the effortless transaction and prompt delivery.
Kind regards
Stuart – Todmorden”

“I would like to say how delighted I am with this TopSleep Deluxe mattress. I have suffered with a stiff back on waking for 10 years and put it down to age and wear and tear. I have used this mattress for three nights and have not felt even a twinge in the morning. I cannot believe how good it is and it is so comfortable. I would recommend anybody to try it. The service and delivery was absolutely superb. I shall certainly be doing some recommending whenever I have the chance! Thank you so much.
Anita – Devon”

“The mattress/pillows arrived on schedule, many thanks. Our daughter is absolutely thrilled. We’re currently saving-up for one for ourselves, and will gladly recommend your company to family/friends. Best regards,
Andrew – Wales “

“I’ve just bought one of your TopSleep memory mattresses and I am amazed. It was delivered on time (which seems to be a miracle for the internet!) and it is unbelievably comfortable. I was a bit wary about buying something ‘unseen’ but I have absolutely no regrets. Keep up the good work, and thank you.
Andrew – Middlesex”

“Hi , Just a note to say it took me a couple of days to convince my wife to get a couple of these mattresses for ourselves and our son but I’d just like to say they’re heaven. My son is a 6’5, 19 stone front row rugby player and he say’s that the night after his game last weekend he slept like a baby and his body definitely felt better (less aches) the next morning.
Phil – Cleveland”

“I ordered a TopSleep Comfort memory topper for my son following spinal surgery, he finds it very comfortable and supporting. I ordered it at 3 o’clock and it arrived at 9.30 the next morning. Well done and thank you.
Alison – Reading”

“Many thanks for your outstanding service, i will recommend your online store to all i can. Far better than the high street store “DREAMS”.
Cheers, Darren – Surrey”

“I must congratulate TopSleep on their customer service/care policy and on the quality of the product that we purchased from them (a double bed size TopSleep Supreme memory mattress).
Ordered at 9.30am on Wednesday and delivered at 9.10am next morning (Thursday). We are already getting immense benefit from this mattress no more back ache in the morning, no more night cramp (legs) and no tossing and turning. Honestly one of the best purchases that we have ever made.
Many thanks
Jim Coventry”

“I just had to drop a line to say how impressed i am with, not only your company, but the service i have received from all involved with the purchase and delivery of my TopSleep mattress. I am astounded, and thrilled, to find that good old fashioned courteous, and efficient service is still alive and kicking.
I bought the mattress on a 60 Day Promise, and will look forward to sleeping soundly.
Thank you once again, and i will be sure to recommend you to everyone i know!
Yours Sincerely,
Miss K York”

“Hi, I have now had one of your TopSleep memory mattresses for a month now and must congratulate you on a brilliant product. I am 45 years old and since I was 27 have had osteoporosis. I have many crushed vertebrate in my back and have also had a replacement shoulder due to osteoporosis. These conditions give me considerable pain and I have never been able to get a good nights sleep. All this has changed since I bought your mattress and pillows. I tried a friends tempur mattress for a week before I bought yours and found it extremely hot and uncomfortable and for the money it costs it was not worth the investment.
During the first week of your mattress although it was comfortable it wasn’t until the second week that I was getting the full benefit from it. I now can sleep and not keep waking up or tossing and turning and because of the sponginess of the memory foam I do not disturb my partner like I used to and I have also been told I do not snore so much. I can thoroughly recommend this mattress and I have now just given you an order for a mattress for my parents. I will certainly promote your product.
David Essex”

“Just want to say I was very impressed with the efficient way you dealt with my order. The delivery actually did take into account my request to deliver after 1.30pm and it came on the requested day. The packaging was excellent. We have only used the product two nights but already my husband says he is sleeping very well! I shall definitely recommend you to my friends. Thank you.
Margot Cardiff”

“Re the above My order arrived in Spain yesterday (Fri.23/09/2005) Excellent service will recommend to all ex. pats”

“Just a note to say that my memory foam mattress arrived 2 days ago! After the recommended time, we slept on the mattress last night. It is fantastic! So different and so much more comfortable than the coil spring mattress we have been sleeping on in the past. Thank you so much for a great product. I will certainly be recommending you to friends! Forgot to mention the pillows, which are also extremely comfortable! Thanks again.
Maureen London”

“The TopSleep Comfort mattress topper arrived yesterday as promised,…………….last night I had the best night’s sleep in years! It’s hard to believe it can make so much difference.
Jane Yorkshire”

“Mattress toppers are amazing! Did lots of research before ordering yours and am so glad I did. An excellent product at a very good price. Pillows are just as amazing! Just 2 problems – My daughter now wants the same, and it’s so difficult to drag myself out of bed now! Next day delivery is a great option and very reliable.
Many, Many Thanks.
Jenny Wales”

“Following my order to you yesterday I have just received the goods & would like to thank you for your prompt attention. To be able to order early one afternoon & get receipt 10:45 am. the next day made it all a pleasurable experience. Found your web site & details provided with the goods excellent, by the way – the mattress & pillows have also met my expectations.
Thanks. William Scotland”

“I ordered the TopSleep Supreme Memory mattress last Tuesday 17th January and received the mattress plus the two pillows on Friday 20th January.

There are a couple of points I would like to make as follows.
· Cost delivered to Dublin £534.00 Sterling = Euro €790.26.
· Costs in Dublin for the same products €1,200 Euro.
· How easy to purchase online from TopSleep in the UK.
· Thanks to the courier firm in Ireland nothing was too much trouble at my address.
· How quickly the products were delivered.
And finally the products;
I have suffered with back problems for 20 years and have changed my mattress several times during this period without success. However since receiving the mattress and pillows from your company, I am glad to say that this has now dramatically changed my life.

I am now sleeping soundly through out the night and awake in the morning fresh and look forward to the day ahead. I have also cut down on medical bills for physiotherapy I have being receiving for the last 20 years because of the relief I receive from both the Mattress and pillows.
Thank you for all your help and I would urge other back sufferers to avail of your TopSleep Supreme Memory Mattress and Pillows.
Barry Dublin”

“I suffer from chronic arthritis, kidney failure and diabetes as well as other debilitating ailments.. When in bed I used to be driven mad with restless leg syndrome which kept me awake at night, and my back ache was very painful too.
Then a year ago I bought one of your TopSleep Deluxe memory foam mattresses and it is the best thing I have ever bought.
Within a couple of days I was sleeping like a log and I now look forward to going to bed and I hate to get up in the mornings! It seems to hug me all night! I no longer feel my back ache in bed and the restless legs have disappeared.
I have sung the praises of the mattress to anyone who will listen and in the last year 4 of my friends have bought a mattress from your company.
I have now just bought another of your mattresses to put in my daughters home for myself so that when I visit her and her husband I am still assured of a good nights sleep.
Your staff are most helpful and your prices are lower than others.
So carry on the good work and I wish you plenty of trade in the coming year. It is well deserved.
Silvia London”

“We would like to inform you that we have received goods ordered, today. We would like to say a big thank you to both Andrew and yourself for all the assistance and advise you have given us. The service was impeccable and the good were dispatched and received in record time. We shall certainly recommend you to all our friends here in Malta. We shall certainly contact you again should the need arise. Once again thank you for everything. With best regards and sincere thanks
Simon and Carmen Malta”

“Just to let you know that the bed arrived on Monday and was constructed last night. It looks amazing ! Thanks for chasing the carrier
Regards Susan Balham”

I ordered a TopSleep Supreme Memory Mattress yesterday at about 14.00, and it was received this morning just after 9.00am, i wish to thank you for your speedy and efficient delivery service, also , the item and price were excellent. you can guarantee that i will recommend your site to my family and friends, once again many thanks for your efficient service.
R. Black Clwyd

I have just received my TopSleep Comfort mattress topper and felt the need to contact you. it is the most wonderful product, i am so thrilled with my purchase. all in all i have had a superb service, received a fabulous product and feel it was worth every penny. thank you very much, i am so very pleased.
Niki Lincoln.